A Country Castle

Cucina con Isola

With its distinctive, tiled tower this country house looks like a miniature castle. The reality is a little more down to earth. Built in 1900 in the dairy farming area of Bussigny, the home originally belonged to a director of a nearby Nestlé condensed milk factory. Around 1965 the house was converted into apartments. The current owner bought her apartment in 1993 when she returned to the area after a four-year period abroad.
It’s a beautiful property, with parquet floors, high stucco ceilings and a large, verdant garden. However the original kitchen was a throwback to the days when a kitchen was a place to work, not entertain. So in 2012 the owner took the bold decision to remodel the apartment, moving the kitchen from the north to the south-west corner and converting the former kitchen and bathroom into a dressing room, bathroom and shower-hammam. Both she and her partner made a careful survey of kitchen brands, visiting showrooms and exhibitions and requesting catalogues. In the end their choice was unanimous. Poggenpohl’s quality, choice and ability to make bespoke kitchens to fit a defined space won their approval. Working with us, the elements of the design gradually took shape. They chose +EDITION because its classic framed style suited the character of the building and their décor. The central island unit is used for food preparation and presentation, with food storage and a coffee machine along one wall and the large, traditional range cooker against the other.


Bussigny, Switzerland


35 m²




Plus Edition

Materiale Mobili


Piano di lavoro

Pietra Naturale

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